This Adventure is supposed to take place in the country of Dasbur, a temperate state with naming conventions that are somewhat Germanic.

The campaign begins with the PCs on the road to the capital. Along the way, they come across a covered wagon that has been pulled off the road. A search check (DC:12) of the wagon reveals a stack of paper inside the wagon. The papers are a collection of shipping manifests from various scrapyards to various factories around the capital. Outside the wagon, ruts from more wagon wheels can be seen leading off to the west. A second search check (DC: 20) reveals light footprints along side the wagon ruts. After three to four hours of following the trail, the PCs come across an old road in a state of disrepair. Here, the trail ends (the wagon evidently hauled up onto the road). A spot check (DC: 15) shows an old, overgrown sign that reads…“Brunmoore factory” with an arrow pointing north, down the road. After another hour of travel down the road (in the right direction), the PCs reach a large factory that, while obviously old, still seems to be operational. lights are on in the windows, and an occasional plume of smoke rises from the chimneys

The Mad Mechanist